Our profit optimization approach is based on a modular delivery of vital margin improvement actions.

Pricing Analytics

Pricing is always data-driven.   We team-up with your business analysts (or we plug-in business analysts) to define the vital pricing reports.   

Understand what happens and why it happens is crucial.

Margin Optimisation 

Based on data driven insights, our teams assess your margin optimisation potential and we collaborate intensively with your teams to define the margin improvement action plans.  

And we make them happen.

Floor/Target Price Guidance

We help install floor- and target prices per segment/channel or region for a more effective price-getting.  

If you decide to use pricing software, we help .  Our teams have experience with most pricing software (PROS, Vendavo, PriceFx, Zilliant, Sposea, Vistex, ..

Discount and Surcharge Policy

We help define your new channel (partner) discount and surcharge policy and install effective price escalation processes to ensure your price getting.

Portfolio Consistency 

We support to re-install your price portfolio consistency within your regions and channels.

Quoting and CPQ Tools

From excel based to configure-price-quote (CPQ)-software implementations, our teams have the experience to help build the quoting tool that fits for you.

Retail Dynamic Pricing

Our retail experts have extensive expertise in implementing dynamic pricing (2.0 and 3.0) for both B2B and B2C channels and e-commerce.  From product category roles definitions, micro-segmentation over defining pricing rules and machine learning enhanced algorithms, we help.

Portfolio Pruning

We help prune your product portfolio if pruning is necessary.  We have a proven process to align all stakeholders to take the most effective decisions and support the implementation of the pruning process.

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