We help to set effective prices in B2B markets aligned with your market strategy and review your channel-, partner- and discount-policy.  Our support ranges from installing value based pricing, economic value calculation to spare part pricing.  Our teams also support both B2B and B2C e-commerce retailers inimplementing dynamic pricing (first and second generation).

Value Based Pricing

We help set value based pricing based on a structured approach, using different techniques.  

If necessary, we also support and deliver willingness to pay and price elasticity research.

Economic Value Calculation

If you want to sell on value, in B2B markets you will need to be able to prove your value in economic terms.  Our teams have large experience in translating your perceived value drivers into economic value - we conduct customer interviews and lead sales workshops to align everyone around value - and we help deliver value communication tools based on the insights.

Spare Parts Pricing

We help segment your spare parts and install an effective price setting process and policy based on the different product categories.

We also help embed your spare parts pricing policy into pricing software tools such as Vendavo, PROS, PriceFx etc.

Subscription based pricing

Our teams have large experience in supporting your process to define the right product bundles, define the pricing plans and metrics and price your subscriptions.

We also support you to effectively manage your subscription and install pricing software.

Dynamic Pricing

Our retail experts have hands-on experience installing dynamic pricing (both generation 2.0 and 3.0).   Our experts help you to set-up the enablers, define the strategy and how to implement dynamic pricing in your organisation. From defining your product categories, category goal setting, installing pricing rules based on multiple factors, to implementing dynamic pricing.  We help.

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