We co-create strategies that accelerate both revenue and profits and generate sustainable growth. We focus on profit strategy playbooks to generate profitable growth, making the right business and market strategic choices – and on monetization strategies for your innovations and digital business.

Profit Strategy Playbooks

When entering new markets, most organisations focus on getting market share, that’s normal.  Speed to market is crucial.  Turning a volume (market share) strategy into profitable business is often a delicate exercise.  We help define your profit strategy playbook : from balancing your portfolio sales, optimising your channel policy to installing effective life cycle strategies, we support you.

Monetizing Subscriptions

From monetizing your data, content or platform our teams have large experience to support your roadmap.   

From co-designing your eco-system, defining who benefits in the eco-system and where value is created, developing user cases, discussing how to get strategic dominance and defining your subscription model (from segmentation over packaging, price metrics decision making and pricing) ; our experts help.

Monetization  Innovations

Innovate around the price.  More and more organisations have the pricing teams early in the innovation process.  Understanding value perception and willingness to pay for each feature helps develop profitable innovations. 

Our teams perform premium price driver research, willingness to pay and product bundle optimisation research if needed.