We co-create strategies that accelerate both revenue and profits and generate sustainable growth. We focus on (market) strategy playbooks, making the right business and market strategic choices.   We boost your market strategy and product- and segment management teams.


When entering new markets, most organisations focus on getting market share - and volume first - that’s normal.  Speed to market is crucial.

Turning a volume (market share) strategy into profitable business is often a delicate exercise.    Your pricing can be a solid wingman in making the change happen.

We co-create your profit strategy and start concrete projects to make the change really happen.

Product - and Segment Management Excellence

Product management teams play a vital role in scanning market opportunities and turning them into innovative products/services.  

We install the vital PM processes, train your teams to peak performance and boost value innovation (and innovate around the price).   Our experts support both your commercial and technical product management teams - as well as segment management to boost value creation.