We are looking for A consultants, going for an A+ performance.

It’s an important decision you make in your career and life.    

Consultancy can be hard, working under time pressure and managing different projects can be challenging.   

But with the right team it is great fun and rewarding to help customer achieve their targets.    We value teamwork and top performances, bring fun in our projects and take care of our work/life balance.  And yes, we all strive to be happy people.


As process consultants, embedding our know-how at the client’s organisation is important in our work.   

Our consultancy approach is structured, human - and entrepreneurial in execution.   

If you like this.  Let’s talk.

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Who we are looking for ?

University graduates/postgraduates

You should be fluent in English and have an outstanding university degree.

Your analytical skills should be outstanding.  Our customers’ projects require a rapid understanding of new environments, a structured approach, and the ability to work with customers in a true collaborative relationship. Pricing requires hard, quantitative analyses so you should have a good understanding of numbers and be able to work reliably with analytical tools such as Excel, PowerBI etc.

On a personal level, we expect “empathic skills".  Consultancy is at the end always a people business.  You must adapt to new situations, people and challenges fast. Enjoying to work continuously with new teams and people is an important requirement for being a successful (and happy) consultant.

Experienced consultants 

Are you an experienced pricing, profit optimisation and monetisation expert ? Great !  PAGE-37 is rapidly growing, we are looking for ;

  • business analysts
  • senior consultants - being part of the project teams
  • directors - leading project teams and managing customer relations

We foster initiative. 

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Enterpreneurial spirit ?  Fantastic !

We are a very dynamic team, successful and growing fast.  It’s a permanent challenge.  If you are a hands-on, ambitious, consultant ; there are plenty of opportunities for you.     

Would you like to focus on a vertical (industry), or lead a team of sr consultants, or being part of that team ? Fantastic, we look forward to meet you.

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