Based on our multi-project expertise we have developed a solid revenue and margin analytics tool to :

-> flag and select your margin improvement opportunities

-> monitor your profit strategy performance

How it works in 5 steps :

1. We listen to your needs and you deliver us your dataset 

2. If necessary we clean your data into an integer data set

3. We upload your data-set into our analytics software 

4. We customise the visuals (on-demand)

5. You get the insights you need at your service.

This 'outsourced analytics' service offers you a fast and state-of-the art solution to build your vital pricing and profitability reports.

Visualisation of the analytics are in PowerBI and can easily been transferred into your own PowerBI environment.
Once uploaded in your PowerBI tool you can update the data, customise or add more visuals whenever you want - it becomes your tool.

Some examples of the standard analytics (there are much more) :

The analytics/visualisation are developed in PowerBI.   

We easily transfer the data and visualisation into your own PowerBI environment.